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The World is Your Classroom
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How can you improve your students’ education?

Like most people who work in education, you’re always trying to improve your students’ education. And the arrival of new technology is proving to be contradictory. Yes, it’s got the potential to enhance education and make your life easier. But in reality, it’s not always the case. You need the right devices, the right set up, and the right partner to get the most from this opportunity.

That’s where we come in. We can help you and your students get the most from technology and remove the confusion around it. Your students can work on whatever device they prefer – from notebook to tablet to desktop PC. They can access content and tools from anywhere, even outside of school. They can check each other’s work in active, collaborative learning. And they get a personalized experience, as their teachers have more information and better materials.


Integrated and safe solution for computer-based learning in schools

The holistic integration platform for pedagogical tools and media makes the use of learning material as well as the introduction of cooperative learning methods and modern media didactics by teachers possible. This is why Fujitsu developed Securon for Schools - an advanced solution for computer based learning, which is efficient, exciting and user-friendly. Securon for Schools is easy to integrate into lessons and supports the motivation for cooperative learning and teaching in the form of a modern medium.

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Learning Repository

K-12 Education Solutions

Schools are using ICT in an ever wider range of situations - not only in computer labs as in the past, but also in regular classrooms for all subjects. Fujitsu's Learning Repository is an ICT utilization tool developed to solve the challenges teachers face in actual classrooms in order to enable smart classrooms and ative learning.

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