Learning Repository

K-12 Education Solutions

Schools are using ICT in an ever wider range of situations - not only in computer labs as in the past, but also in regular classrooms for all subjects. Fujitsu's Learning Repository is an ICT utilization tool developed to solve the challenges teachers face in actual classrooms in order to enable smart classrooms and ative learning.

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Easy operations help teachers concentrate on teaching

The system is designed so that anyone can operate it intuitively. Therefore, teachers and students can effectively use tablets in class for every subject. The interface is designed so that students will not be confused and so interrupt the smooth running of the class and to facilitate easy use even by young students in order to support effective class activities.

Enabling of active learning

The system allows all students to check each other's answers and worksheets, thereby supporting active and collaborative learning. The system allows for active two-way communication between teachers and students and self-expression.

Use of stored class records

The system enables teachers to check students' past learning histories across different grades, thus empowering teachers to provide guidance tailored to students' individual needs. The system enables teachers to share teaching materials and class records, thereby contributing to improving the quality of education by helping them to learn from each other.