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The World is Your Classroom
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Alongside our research partner, we spoke to 602 IT leaders in education establishments across the UK, the US, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand, at the beginning of 2017.


We asked them their views on the current state of digital in their education establishments. We found out where they are now, and where they plan on taking their IT.

Find out how the right devices lead to a better student performance

Read about the successful implementation of technology in schools

Discover ways of ensuring an exciting learning experience and simple lesson planning at the same time

Find out more about today's expectations of our education system

Learn how technology tackles everyday challenges in the classroom

Explore what differences can be made with tailored learning programs

Learn more about today's challenges for our education system

Read more about how technology can ensure individual learning

Find out about how technology can help students to think

Find out more about the customization of a student's learning process

Learn how technology helps students to reach their full potential

Read about what factors matter for technology decisions in schools

Discover how students can be prepared for not yet invented jobs

Find out about the threat internet holds for studying and how to stay secure

Read an incredible story about how technology brings education to remote African villages and simplyfies social inclusion

Learn about how technology helps students to hold attention more easily

Read more about the right balance between secure learning at school and uncontrolled environment at home

Explore how tailored learning programs offers an individual learning experience

Find out about which opportunities overcoming reluctance offers

Explore how technology can benefit to mutual feedback between teacher and student

Explore ways of how education can keep up with the fast pace of today's everyday life